Indians love to get high on weed. Delhi ranks 3rd ‘Highest’ on the global.

Indians love to get high on weed. Delhi ranks 3rd ‘Highest’ on the global.

While Delhi ranked third in the list of 120 cities by consumption of weed, behind New York and Karachi, Mumbai ranked sixth.

In 2018, the country’s two biggest cities, New Delhi and Mumbai, consumed 38.2 tonnes and 32.4 tonnes of marijuana, respectively—among the highest in the world, according to a study by the German data firm ABCD.

ABCD’s numbers are based on the annual prevalence of weed (percentage of the population that has used the substance in the past year) estimated by the UN Office of Drugs and Crime.

This survey also looked at the average price for these cities, and both Indian cities are one of the cheapest places to buy cannabis. The price in Delhi was $4.38 per gram (INR 315) and in Mumbai was $4.57 per gram (INR 328). The most expensive place to buy weed in Tokyo, at $32.66 per gram (INR 2,348)

What if the drug were legalized and taxed? Delhi could raise $101.2 million (Rs 725 crore at today’s exchange rate) if the tax rate of the most widely sold cigarettes brand were applied on this drug. The corresponding figure would be $89.38 (Rs 641 cr) for Mumbai. If the average US tax rate on marijuana tax were applied, Delhi would raise Rs 225 cr and Mumbai Rs 199 cr, the study concluded.

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