Marketing for starters

Marketing for starters

I am sure  you are aware of the features of latest iphone or about crazy discounts offered by Zomato  or the dates on which big billion day sales are happening on Flipkart.

Have you ever wondered that somehow you always end up knowing about these things without even making a conscious effort.

These successful communication of phone launches, discounts etc. offered by companies to probable customers like you requires a lot of research, planning and good execution and a lot more…

The process by which companies or brands achieve this is nothing but Marketing.

So, in layman terms marketing is nothing but the promotion of a brand and its products or services to increase sales.

Here we’ll be looking at few steps that are very crucial for any successful marketing campaign.

Steps involved in marketing:

  • Clearly define your goal or objective

      List out the objectives and goals that you wish to achieve through this marketing campaign.

  • Analyze industry positioning

      In this step we analyze our product wrt industry and try to reason where does our product/service stands as per the current industry standards

  • Establish marketing tactics

          Here we try to come-up with marketing strategies after learning about the position of our product/service wrt industry which could yield maximum benefits. 

  • Put your process to work

      At this stage we try to execute the marketing campaign with established tactics.

  • Evaluate modify repeat

      Learn from observations made of the running or already completed      campaigns and integrate the changes in marketing tactics. 

Conversion funnel:

conversion funnel

 We may assume that a good marketing campaign is enough to increase the sales. But let me tell you its  just partially true, and executing a campaign is just the half work done.

So how to fully translate a good marketing campaign into conversions?

Thus comes the concept of conversion funnel .

Steps involved in funnel conversion:

  • Awareness

The idea here is to come up with marketing strategies that can promote your company to a new audience. This can be achieved through billboard, tv ads, search engine ads, social media ads etc.

  • Interest

Now that people are familiar with your brand, it’s time to take them through the next step of your conversion funnel.

In this step we get leads, leads are nothing but the people who have shown interest in the product or service being offered, this may be done by getting their phone no. or email. Opt-in forms and newsletters are great ways to go about this.

  • Consideration

At this stage the generated leads are interested in the product or service being offered but they are not fully convinced to buy it.

We’ll need to pitch these leads with incentives or offers in such a way that they complete the purchase.

  • Conversion

This stage involves completion of purchase made by the customers.

Building customer persona

The thing that is very critical of the success of any business is :

 “How well do they know their customers”

For any business to know more about their prospective customers, businesses need to have a lot of data or information about their customers which may help form an idea of the customers psyche.

 This means taking into consideration general details about the average customer, such as their demographic, gender, socio-economic status and so on.

Collection of these data about the prospective customers to know what they want and how they can be targeted is nothing but customer persona.

 Customer persona gives us insight into what our prospective customers are thinking and doing.

Examples of customer persona:

1.Let’s say for an on demand video streaming site like netflix customer user persona can be like:

 College going  Amit

Key identifiers:

-Tech savvy

-owns a smartphone

– extensively uses social media platforms

-consumes content on youtube

  Demography–  19 to 25

 Background: middle class or upper middle class guy who is ready to spend few bucks for subscription for good content.


 – Looks out for good content.

 – Likes to consume content online.

 – Is open to dark content.


Has trouble getting good online content at a reasonable price.

2. Customer persona for oyo rooms

Young graduate Shubhi


Works full time

Does a lot of research 

Seeks travel information on social media

Income : 3 to 6 lacs

Demography: 22 to 30

Background: Shubhi is a computer science graduate, who is working in IT industry. She is an avid traveller.


  • Traveling
  • Looks out for good places to stay while travelling


Lack of availability of rooms which has good service,basic amenities, security and at the same time is affordable.

Using the right channel

3. For a weekend yoga class the customer persona can be like

Middle age working mom Shilpi

Key identifiers:

Full time career

Health conscious


Seeks health information online

Demography : 45 to 65

Background: Shilpi is a working mom who is balancing her work life along with raising a family. She uses the internet to search for information about the health.


Likes to be healthy

Looks out for a knowledgeable trainer


Faces difficulty in finding a good yoga class or trainer near her house. 

Few free marketing tips for people just starting out:

 1.Create a whatsapp/Facebook group.

   Whatsapp and Facebook groups can be very handy initially in building a user base and nurturing them with information about your new offerings.

2.Post amazing content on your blog

In marketing “content is king” if you are able to produce quality and engaging content for your prospective customers then this can really a boost for your marketing campaign.

3. Create a Google My Business account. 

If you want your business to show up in local search, a google my business account is a necessity. This will make sure your business is not only visible on search, but on Google Maps and Google+ as well.

This is also called as local SEO.

Thanks for reading, lots of love.

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